Frequently Asked Questions

These are the frequently asked Questions by Smart Sys Care users.

The cost of the Activated version of Smart Sys Care is $49.99/year.

  • Click on the downloaded exe file.
  • Allow the user access control to click on Yes.
  • Read the license agreement and go to the Next button.
  • Select the start button, and go to the Control Panel option.
  • At Control Panel, you will see a program with “Uninstall a program”.
  • Just in one click, you can uninstall the program.

Double click on Smart Sys Care icon can automatically start the scan.

No, you can’t use it on different machines. One license is for one machine.

A renew notice will start 30 days before expiration with a Renew Now option. Go to the Renewal option and purchase your license key to renew for another year. You will also get a reminder 30 days prior and 15 days before the license expires on your email with a link to renew the license key.

If you purchased a key and would like to purchase the second key for another PC. You can upgrade your package with the help of the following link.

Smart Sys Care collects information which is used in the repair process of your computer. We do not make copies of your data files on your PC to execute the Service, nor do we sell this information to third parties.

The technical information gathered from the scan procedure is used to increase our sites and services. This technical data is not related to your private information. Technical data is gathered separately and used for increases of the product and usage statistics that may be published in marketing materials.

Personal information is collected and will only be used in the way described when offering the information. You may give us your email and name to get your license key, support, or sign up updates. We will only use your personal information that we described at the time of collection, including when you provide your information to download the free scan. We will not subsequently modify the mode your personal information is used without your consent.

To register/activate Smart Sys Care, please follow the steps below:
  • Please launch Smart Sys Care.
  • On the left corner of the screen, you will see an ‘Activate Now’ option.
  • Click on that button.
  • In a new window that opens, copy and paste the license key (avoid typing the key manually).
  • Now, click on the Activate Now button.
  • The product will be registered.

Yes, all our products come with a 30-day money back guarantee.

As you open the software, it starts scanning the PC.

While developing the Smart Sys Care, we put special attention towards your privacy. That’s why we made it safe and protected. No one can use it without your permission.

We insist you check the email id that you have registered in the Smart Sys Care. Here you will find the registration details. Nevertheless, if you do not find details in the email-id, then dial our toll-free number or mail us at

Yes, in order to obtain it as soon as possible, you can directly call and mail us.

Yes, you can pay through not only PayPal but other payment methods too.

Quick Support

For more information related to the Pricing and information about Smart Sys Care, get in touch with us.

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